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Mini Sewing Machine

Mini Sewing Machine

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Our Goal

We aim to provide a reliable and stylish sewing solution that simplifies the art of stitching, making it accessible to everyone.

Pocket Sized

  • Pocket Sized sewing stapler, allowing maximum portability.
  • Be outside, on the go and ready to get sewing whenever the opportunity comes!
  • 11cm Length
  • 7cm Height

Sews Anything

  • Any material, you name it. From leather, denim to cotton, you won't find yourself struggling!
  • The threading needle attached to it is enough to withstand whatever fabric you sew through.

Tailor, Repair & Create!

  • Stitch back up your ripped trousers, tailor your long jeans, don't worry because it can do it!
  • Shorten the length of your clothing whether it be too long.
  • Run wild with your creativity and sew anything!
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